Journal/ Conference Papers

Guide to Authors

For your research work to be presented at ICONSEET 2016, here are some important guidelines that you must strictly adhere to as any other method other than the ones listed below would result in your work being rejected. Strict adherence to these formats would also ensure your paper (when reviewed) gets published in IJOSEET.


Written in English and should be typed and printed on white A4 paper. The typing should be double-spaced with wide margin (5cm) and line - numbered where possible.


Text should appear in the following order::

Title, Author(s) Name(s), Address of Author(s), Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, References, Tables, Figures, Legends and Figures.

Main section heading should be bold, centered and in uppercase letters. Do not underline the title of section headings. Subsections (also bolded) may be included and only the first letter of the subsection should be capitalized. The Standard International (S. I.) Unit of Measurement should be used.


It should be brief and reflect the main theme of the paper. Author' name should appear below the title while the address should be typed below.


It should be on a separate page not more than 250 words and should be a concise summary containing the main results and conclusion. Keywords should be arranged alphabetically with only the first letter of the Keyword capitalized. Commas should separate keywords.


This should provide essential background information with objectives clearly stated.

Materials and Methods:

This should be informative enough to enable readers to interpret the result obtained. Particular attention must be given to the design, analysis and statistics.


It should be presented concisely using well - designed tables and/or figures. Appropriate Statistical data should be given.


It should clearly indicate the significance and implication of the results obtained while references should be made to published literature.


Only closely relevant references may be included. References in the text must give the author's name written in parenthesis. Where there are three authors, all three must be cited on the first occasion and subsequently names first followed by et al. It must always be used for four (4) or more authors. Several papers by the same author and year must be followed by a, b, c, etc after the year. References must be listed alphabetically in full at then end of the paper in the following standard forms as journal title must be given in full.


Bello, Y (2003): Government Involvement in the Development of Hospitality and Tourism in Nigeria; A degree research in project submitted to the department of Tourism, Imsu, Owerri. P. 44

USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), (2003). Test methods: SW-846. http://www.epagov/epaoswer/hazwaste/test/3-series.htm

Personal communication may be cited only in the text giving names, date and institution or organisation of source of information.

Tables of Figures:

Table and figures used should be self-explanatory. The tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Figure captions should be typed on a separate sheet of paper. In the text, spell out the word table but abbreviate figures to Fig. Capitalize the first letter of table, column and row headings. Graphs should be boxed and ordinates and discussions marked with index lines. Illustrations should be in black and white. Foot notes are designated with superscript lower case letters.

Note: If colour prints are necessary, the cost of production will be charged to the author.

Paper Guide:

An author receiving editorial recommendation for revision should submit the revised manuscript within four (4) weeks, otherwise, longer intervals will be treated as new manuscript

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