The governing board of REPCOMSEET constitutes the trustees of the organization. The functions of the governing board primarily is to:

  • ensure prompt action of the other co-ordinate organ, nominate or appoint competent and responsible persons as members of the Executive Council,
  • inaugurate the executive council,
  • assess the performance level of out-going executive council members,
  • consider and approve annual budget or supplementary budget (where circumstances so demand) for th executive council, and
  • appoint an Advisory Council

Members of the Governing Board

Engr. Dr. J. O. Petinrin >> Governing Board President & Dean, School of Engineering Technology.

Bldr. Dr. T.O. Yusuf >> Dean, School of Environmental Studies.

Dr. M. A. Ajayi >> Dean, School of Applied Sciences.

Sur. T.G. Akinola >> Chairman, REPCOMSEET Executive Council.

Engr. Dr. E. A. Oluwasola >> Secretary to the Governing Board.